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Add New Discount

Discounts allow the merchant to set their reasons and percentages for discounts (such as student discounts).

  1. Go to Inventory Discounts
  2. Click Add New Discount
  3. Enter a name for the discount, such as Memorial Day Sale
  4. Select whether the discount is a percentage or dollar amount off of the total
  5. Depending on which discount type is selected in step 4, set the dollar amount or percentage that will be subtracted from the total
  6. A minimum purchase amount may be entered, if you'd only like the discount to be applied to orders over a certain dollar amount. This field is optional
  7. The merchant can set a start and end date for the discount to be applied.
  8. The status can be changed to enabled or disabled. If disabled, it cannot be applied from the app.
  9. Click Add Discount
  10. To edit a discount, click Edit next to that Discount from the main Discounts screen. Make any necessary changes and then click Save Changes
Add Discount

Article written by Leanne E.