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Back Order Message

Enable a Back Order Message for Inventory

You have the ability to create a back order message to display to customers when an item is out of stock, but is available to be purchased for back order. Below are the instructions on setting this up:

  1. Log into the Management Console here
  2. Select Inventory Management
  3. Select Step 2. Modify Global Settings
    Modify Global Settings
  4. Next to "Allow Backorders for Items Out-of-Stock", check Yes
  5. If you'd like to use the Default Out of Stock message, check the radio button next to Show Default Out-of-Stock/Backorder Messages. The default message reads "Item is out of stock, but can be purchased for back order." If you'd like to use a custom message, check the radio button next to Show Custom Out-of-Stock/Backorder Message and enter your custom message in the text box below.

    Note: Custom Backorder messages will not display for Buy-Me Buttons, this feature is only for the Internet Store.

    Allow Backorders
  6. Using the dropdown menu, select the Low Inventory Warning Threshold (Quantity). When the quantity of that item drops to the selected number or lower, you will receive an email notifying you of its low inventory.
  7. If you wish, you may use the dropdown menu to select the Item in cart Timeout value (in minutes)
  8. Click Next
    Set Low Inventory Warning
  9. On the next screen, select Return to: Inventory Home Page
  10. Select Step 3. Enable/Disable Inventory Management
  11. Click the radio button next to Enable Inventory Management and click Next
    Enable Inventory Management
  12. Select 5. Return to: Management Console
  13. From the Management Console, select Internet Store
  14. Click Modify my existing setup
  15. At the top right, click the GO LIVE! button. This will save your changes.
    Go Live

Article written by Gera W.