Payment Gateway Support

Payment Gateway Options & ID

Most 1stpaygateway accounts have the ability to route transactions through our gateway using software that can understand the information our gateway passes. For example, if you have a website for your business that is maintained by a web developer and want to accept payments a specific way, you can pass information directly through our gateway provided that the information matches 1stpaygateway's guidelines.

Retrieving Account Information: Gateway ID/Processor ID/Transcenter ID

  1. Log in to your transaction center via
  2. You will be directed to the Product Hub. Select 'Transaction Center'.
  3. If your account has multiple MIDs/TIDs that you can log into, select the one that you will be using for your service. If you are unsure, verify with your service provider the type of merchant account that needs to be used.
  4. Once you are in the Transaction Center, Select Security Options Gateway Options.
  5. You should see the first section of this page is "Gateway Information". This is the information you are going to need.
  6. Copy the Transaction Center ID and/or Processor ID and/or Gateway ID and paste it into your service settings. Please refer to your documentation for the service you are using to make sure that you are adding this information in the right place. The setting should clearly state it is looking for these IDs.
Gateway ID

The Gateway Information is what is used to identify the account. The Transcenter ID should look familiar, as it's what is used to log in. The Processor ID identifies the merchant account and is responsible for moving information between us and your bank processor. The Gateway ID is a unique key that verifies your specific account is connecting to 1stpaygateway's server and is passing a transaction.

Note: The 'Generate New Gateway ID' button will create a new Gateway ID. Be careful with this as it will remove the old Gateway ID and it will become unusable!

Gateway Test Mode

If you are interested in having accounts for testing purposes, you may configure those accounts here. The 'Enable Test Mode' checkbox must be checked to enable sandbox accounts. If you click on 'Click Here to Add/Edit Test Account(s)' you will be presented with a window showing the current MIDs in your 1stpaygateway account and the option to create a new test account by account type. Click the appropriate button to create a test account.

Test Mode

Payment Portal Custom CSS

Entering CSS code in this section will affect the way that the Customer Payment Portal looks for users. This may be useful if you'd like the payment pages to maintain a more cohesive feel with the rest of your website.

Customer Payment Portal CSS

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