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ACH Categories

Deleting an ACH Category

  1. From, click Sign In at the top right corner.
  2. Select Transaction Center, or log into the Transaction Center directly from here.
  3. Enter in the Transaction Center ID, Username and Password.
  4. You will be brought to the Product Hub. Select Transaction Center.
  5. If your account is Multi-MID, you will be presented with a dropdown that allows you to select a MID to access. Select your ACH MID and click Submit.
  6. In the top menu, hover over Main Options, and select ACH Settings
    ACH Settings
  7. In the Current ACH Categories Section, there are three columns:
    • ACH Category Type
    • ACH Category Name
    • Entry Description
  8. Under the DELETE column, click on the checkbox next to the ACH Category you'd like to delete.
  9. Click the Update button. The webpage will refresh and the ACH Category will no longer display under the Current ACH Categories.

ACH Categories that cannot be DELETED

STOP HERE/READ: Before Deleting any ACH Categories, first see if there are any ACH Category Types that have recurring transactions. If recurring transactions exist, the delete column will display a QUESTION MARK ICON. When clicking on the QUESTION MARK ICON, a message will appear noting that the category has pending transactions or recurring transactions scheduled.

  • Until all transactions under that ACH Category are final or voided, you will NOT be able to delete the ACH Category
  • If there are recurring transactions in this ACH category and you can successfully void ALL ACH transactions, then and only then can you delete the ACH category.

Create an ACH Category

  1. Log into the Transaction Center here.
  2. Go to Main Options ACH Settings
  3. In the Create ACH Categories section, there will be 3 boxes. From the dropdown box in the ACH Category Type column, select the category type you'd like for your new ACH Category
  4. In the ACH Category Name column, enter a name for the category. This will only be seen internally
  5. In the Entry Description column, enter a description for the category. This must be less than 10 characters in length
  6. Click the Create Category button
Create ACH Category

Article written by Susan L.