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Common Transaction Errors

Common Transaction Error Messages

  • Auth Decl 200: There is either not enough money on the card you're charging or there is some form of security restriction on the card itself. The cardholder's bank did not approve the transaction.
  • Hold-Call (Voice Op): Call your bank processor, they need to verify the credit card information. Once completed they will give you a voice authorization number to enter when you run the transaction. Also if your processing platform is "FDC (First Data Corp.)" your processor does not allow Voice Authorizations.
  • Invalid Term ID: This error usually implies there is an error processing your Terminal ID. This can mean one of two things: A. This is the most probable cause, the bank processor suspended or terminated your account. B. Typo when the terminal ID was entered into the system upon creation of your account.
  • Mod 10 Check Card Failed: The first 10 digits of the card you're entering do not make a valid credit card number.
  • Blocked for Security: There is an IP block on the account. This may be the result of running a card too many times. If a card is ran 5 or more times, the software blocks that particular card for 24 hours.
Auth Decline 200

Article written by Stacey D.