1stPayPOS Support

Reconciling Cash

X Report for Current Cash

  1. Tap on the bar to the left to access a pull out menu.
  2. Tap Reporting.
  3. Select X Current Cash Report.
  4. The X Current Cash Report will display, giving a current total of transactions processed.
  5. You may print the X Current Cash Report using the Print button at the top right.
X Current Cash Report

Z Reports for Closing Cash

1stPayPOS is set to auto-settle. Z Closing Cash will not close the batch, but it is necessary for clearing out the transactions to start a new shift or new day.

  1. Tap on the bar to the left to access a pull out menu.
  2. Tap Reporting.
  3. Select Z Closing Cash Report.
  4. A pop-up box will display; tap Run Z Report. If you selected Closing Cash, you would be brought to Cash Management.

    Tip: If the merchant has unadjusted tips, they will get a "not allowed" error and will be taken to the tip adjustment screen.

  5. A screen will appear with the message "This will reset all of your sales totals back to zero". Tap Continue.
  6. Once the Z Closing Cash Report is complete, a reconciliation report that you can use to balance transactions for the day will display. You have the ability to print, email or text this report with the set of buttons at the top right of the screen.
Z Closing Cash Report

From the Transaction Center

Certain functions such as Bulk Inventory Upload can only be executed through the Portal from a computer. To access it through your computer:

  1. Log into your transaction center.
  2. Enter login credentials found in your original account activation email.
  3. Click Login. This will take you to the Product Hub.

Accumulated Z Reports

Accumulated Z Report allows the merchant to combine the past Z Closing Cash Reports listed in the Archived Z Reports section. Learn more about this here.

Article by Leanne E.