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Troubleshooting Hardware

If you are experiencing any issues with any of your 1stPayPOS hardware, please see the steps below. If you'd like assistance troubleshooting, please call Tech Support at (888) 810-7800.



Question or Issue: Troubleshooting Steps:
Is the printer on? Ensure that it is plugged in securely at both ends, and that the power switch is in the on position.
Are the printers assigned as a "type"?
  • Go to the 1stPayPOS Portal, click on Settings Devices Printers. For example: The "Kitchen" printers are item printers where the order/items print, and the "Receipt" printers print the receipts.
  • Also, receipt printers ONLY print receipts, you cannot send items to a receipt printer and vice versa.
  • Impact printers can ONLY be configured as an item printer, but thermal printers can be configured as both item/receipt printers.
Are the printers assigned to the categories?
  • You can check this by logging into the 1stPayPOS Portal and clicking on Inventory Categories Edit next to the category you'd like to view. Scroll down to item printer and click the box to open a dropdown menu. Make sure the category is assigned to the correct printer.
  • Also, make sure the inventory items are assigned to the proper categories.
Is the iPad in offline mode? If so, this is a connection issue. You want to troubleshoot the router.
Is the Wi-Fi Connection weak? Check router signal strength. If you look in the upper left hand corner of the iPad, is the wireless signal completely filled in?
Application crashes when configuring Z-Out and Reinstall app. To learn more about Z-ing Out, visit here.
Set Up Printer Names

Wi-Fi Router

Question or Issue: Troubleshooting Steps:
Is the router on? Ensure that it is plugged in securely at both ends.
Does the printer have an IP address?
  • You can check this in the Printer configuration screen
  • Also by:
    1. Turn the printer off
    2. Hold down the feed button
    3. Turn printer back on while holding feed button
    4. Do so until printer starts printing
    5. The paper that prints has the printers IP address at the bottom.
Are the iPad and the Router on the same Wi-Fi network?
  • The first three decimal spots should match each other. For example iPad: and Printer: The 192.168.1 are on both IP addresses so they are on the same network.
  • Do they have more than one router there?
  • Even if the IP address match the two routers could be on separate networks. They would have to connect the printer directly into the router that the iPad is on.
Is UPNP enabled? (multicast) With most routers, you can follow these steps:
  1. In order to determine the IP address, go to the start button and type CMD then hit enter.
  2. On the next screen, type IPconfig (no spaces) then hit enter.
  3. This will give you the IP address for the gateway
  4. Open browser and put gateway IP in
  5. Login
  6. Turn on UPNP
Reset router to default settings (Only do this if trouble shooting fails) Check for reset button on the back of the router (usually small enough for a pen to fit in, hold for approximately 10 seconds. Lights on the front of the router should flash if done correctly)
Change the Port
  • The Ethernet cable should be connected to the router. Make sure it is plugged into the correct port.
  • Try a different port
Wifi range is too weak/Router extender (Last resort)

Printing Issues

Question or Issue: Troubleshooting Steps:
Printing Blank Check paper type to ensure the correct type is being used; thermal printers use a different kind of paper than receipt printers. Thermal paper can be scratched with your fingernail, and it will leave a mark. Impact paper doesn't. Go here to help with specifying paper.
Paper jam/lid will not open
  • It could be that the cutter needs to be readjusted
  • Turn printer off then back on
  • If that does not work, remove cover from printer and take out jammed paper.

Cash Register

Question or Issue: Troubleshooting Steps:
Cash Drawer will not open
  • Make sure drawer is unlocked
  • Keyhole should be vertical (unlocked)
  • If the keyhole is horizontal then the drawer is locked
  • Make sure drawer is not jammed
  • Check cable connections: they should be plugged into the correct port and both ends should be securely connected
  • Check if printers are working:
    • The cash register and printers are connected
    • Usually if you trouble shoot the printers you can fix the register as well
Slow response time
  • Trouble shoot printers first
  • Make sure to sign out of the 1stPayPOS app first. Force close any other open apps and the 1stPayPOS app, and then reopen
  • As a last resort, z-out and uninstall/reinstall app

Credit Card Reader

1stPayPOS works with 2 card readers: the uDynamo and iDynamo

  • uDynamo: has a LED Indicator Light and connects to the audio port on an iPad.
  • iDynamo: Connects to either 30-PIN or Lighting Port on iPad.
Question or Issue: Troubleshooting Steps:
Is not Reading Cards
  • Unfortunately, some cards have a wearing magnetic strip that the reader won't always pick up on. These cards may need to be keyed manually.
  • Check card reader is charged
  • Check to see if reader is plugged in all the way
  • Make sure readers are configured. See below.

Configuring uDynamo:

  1. Go to iPad Settings General Accessibility.
  2. Under the Hearing Section, ensure that Mono Audio is OFF
  3. In this same section, ensure that Left-Right Audio is in the CENTER
  4. Go to General Settings Music.
  5. Ensure that Volume Limit is OFF
  6. Using the Volume control buttons on the side of the iPad, ensure that the Volume is set to Max.
  7. In iPad Settings, go to Privacy Microphone. Ensure that 1stPayPOS is enabled (the slider is green).

Configuring iDynamo:

  1. Try plugging it into the iPad while it is still connected to the power cable
  2. Connect reader to charger and plug into iPad. Doing so also charges the iPad.

iDynamo Card Reader


uDynamo Card Reader

Barcode Scanner

Question or Issue: Troubleshooting Steps:
The Scanner is not Scanning
  • When the iPad and scanner go to sleep, the scanner will disconnect from Bluetooth. Once the scanner is turned back on, it will automatically reconnect to the iPad in which it has been paired. This typically takes about 5 seconds
  • A work around for this issue would be to go to the iPad settings and turn OFF sleep mode. This will stop the iPad's screen from going to sleep and the scanner from disconnecting, but this will drain the battery on the iPad quickly. If you choose to do this, we recommend keeping it plugged in while in use.
  • Items will not scan
  • Items will not scan the first time
  • Items scan on the computer or in the portal, but not in the 1stPayPOS app
Set the scanner back to factory settings:
  1. Hold down the trigger button and the power button simultaneously until the unit beeps three times; After the scanner beeps three times, it is set back to default
  2. Disconnect the scanner from Bluetooth on the iPad.
  3. On the iPad, go to Settings Blue Tooth
  4. Click the "i" in the blue circle next to the Socket CHS.
  5. Select "Forget this Device"
  6. Verify that the Socket CHS is no longer listed under Blue Tooth connections (Since the scanner is turned off when Step 1 is completed, it should not show up on the list again).


  1. Go to the Settings in your iPad, tap "Bluetooth" on the left side of the screen. Tap the "OFF/ON" switch to change it to "ON".
  2. Turn the Socket Mobile scanner on using the Power button on top of the scanner until it beeps twice, low to high.
  3. Scan the iOS Mode barcode.
  4. The scanner will beep three times, it is now configured.
  5. The quick start guide is located here.
  6. Utilize the Socket Mobile Quick Start Guide that came with the swiper in order to find the bar code for programming the scanner.


  7. You must have a printed copy to successfully scan the bar code.
  8. On the iPAD, go to Settings Bluetooth.
  9. You will now see that the Socket CHS is available for configuration. Click on the Socket CHS to pair the scanner and iPad. Once these devices have been paired, your configuration is complete. Please test.
Set Up Barcode Scanner

Article by Leanne E.