QuickBooks Plugin Support


Best Practices

Basic best practices can reduce problems and issues you may encounter with Quickbooks plugin:

  • Always backup your company's Quickbook files. (Nightly Backups are recommended)
  • Update your Administrative passwords (once per month is the recommended rotation)
  • Ensure that your Windows Updates have been applied (1 time per week recommended)
  • Check that your AntiVirus Software is up to date, and perform nightly scans


Merchant Issue Solutions
I cannot install QuickBooks Plugin
  • Update Windows to .NET Framework and include all current security patches
  • Ensure that the Windows Version you are working with is compatible.
  • Make sure you have "Administrators Rights" to your computer and QuickBooks application
  • Ensure you have the Plugin Credentials available to enter into the Settings
  • Before installing any QuickBooks plugins or software make sure you close completely out of QuickBooks . In Quickbooks go to Edit Preferences General My Preferences and Uncheck "Keep QuickBooks running for Quick starts"
  • Check the Quickbook version. The Plugin is only compatible with QuickBooks Professional, Premier and Enterprise Editions, 2008 and later. (Earlier versions are not supported)
When running QuickBooks Plugin, my popup window did not open
  1. Close QuickBooks and reopen again.
  2. Check to see if the globe icon is displayed on the windows status bar.
  3. Right-click on the globe icon and choose Preferences
  4. Check all tabs and ensure that everything is filled out. View more information about preferences here.
Getting Unhandled exception error when running a manual transaction in QuickBooks Before running a transaction, ensure that the 'Process Visa when Saving' box is unchecked
Quickbooks Plugin Receipt Not Printing The printer may need to be reconfigured.
Having Problems Running Transactions through QB
  • Check that the right account is selected in Preferences. (example: Retail instead of MOTO, if a Retail account)
  • Check to see if your anti-virus program may be in conflict with the plugin when running a transaction by disabling temporarily and attempting to run a transaction.
QB plugin globe icon is not displaying within the hidden icons, and the popup does not display In QuickBooks Application select Edit Preferences Integrated Apps Preferences.
You are getting a "PAYMENT SERVER UNAVAILABLE" error message for a multi?mid account QuickBooks plugin is not typically supported by multi-mid accounts. Contact Technical Support at 888-711-3800
Merchant is getting a "PAYMENT SERVER UNAVAILABLE" error message for a Retail acount Select keyed or swiped for authorization type in Preferences
You've forgotten your login information Technical Support will be able to provide this information. You will need the last four digits of the social security number or Federal Tax ID linked to your account. Please contact Technical Support at 888-711-3800.
Transactions are being redirected to Intuit In QuickBooks, uncheck the checkbox "Process Visa When Saving" when running a transaction.
Swipe prompt is not appearing when running a transaction in QuickBooks Check Preferences to ensure that Retail is checked off as the Account Type.
Customer information is not going into the CIM Check Preferences to ensure that CIM storage is enabled
You cannot import IIF file from the Transaction Center to QuickBooks Report Set up Accounts in QuickBooks Plugin Preferences
You get an error when setting up Preferences and testing the gateway Agree to the Terms and Conditions within the Transaction Center
You've installed the plugin and the Allow Plugin Certificate does not pop up Uninstall and re-install the QBPaymentPlugin.zip file that was emailed to you by Support and choose extract all files. Read more about uninstalling the QuickBooks Plugin here. Read more about installing the QuickBooks Plugin here. (Note: If you cannot locate your email, contact Technical Support at 888-711-3800)

Article written by Susan L.