Transaction Center & VPOS Support

Account Setup

Step 1: Logging In

  1. Visit
  2. Select Transaction Center
  3. Enter in the Transaction Center ID
  4. Enter Username
  5. Enter account Password
  6. Click Login
  7. On the Product Hub, select Transaction Center
  8. If your account is Multi-MID, select the appropriate MID and click Submit
Log Into the Transaction Center

Step 2: Set Up Receipt

  1. Hover over the Main Options Tab
  2. Click on Receipt Options
  3. Enter in your business information and any other information that your customers should see on their receipts. Read more about Receipt Settings here
  4. Click Submit

Step 3: Perform a Test Transaction

  1. Highlight over the Virtual Terminal Tab
  2. Select Authorize Transaction (will either be ecommerce, MOTO, ACH or Retail, based on your account type)
  3. Enter in the Order ID (for example: test)
  4. Enter in the amount of 5.00
  5. Choose Authorize and Settle for the transaction type
  6. Leave Recurring Type as none
  7. Choose the Billing Type as Post Now
  8. Under Credit Card Information, enter in the credit card number 4111111111111111
  9. Enter the expiration month of 12
  10. Enter the expiration year of 18
  11. Enter in the CVV2 Code of 123
  12. Under Billing Information, enter the Name on Card as Test
  13. Enter the Street Address as 123 Test Street
  14. Enter the Zip as 08002. This should automatically fill in City, State and Country fields.
  15. Click Submit
  16. This transaction should give a decline message
Perform Test Transaction

Step 4: Search for the Test Transaction

  1. Highlight over Virtual Terminal
  2. Click on Search Transactions
  3. Enter in any search criteria if preferred, or leave blank
  4. Click Begin Search at the bottom of the page
  5. You will be brought to a page showing the results of your test transaction. You can click on the magnifying glass icon in that row to view transaction details and perform credits, voids & additional authorizations.

You Must Also Note:

There are a few additional steps that are necessary to completing your Merchant Account and Transaction Center setup. Please see below:

  1. Create Security Questions. For assistance, see this article.
  2. If you are locked out of your account or have had 3 failed login attempts, see this article.
  3. Obtain your Gateway Information to link Merchant Account with 3rd Party Software. For assistance, see this article.
  4. In order to receive processed funds, you must submit a Credit Card Batch. View this article for more information.
  5. Per Visa/Mastercard regulations, transaction data can only be viewable in the Transaction Center for a maximum of 180 days. If you would like a permanent record of your transactions, you can create and download transaction reports from the Reporting/Metrics section of the Transaction Center. For more information on Reporting/Metrics, please see this article.
  6. Per Visa/Mastercard regulations, any merchant that processes credit card transactions over the internet must have the following four parameters on their web site:
    • A Privacy Policy
    • A Refund Policy
    • A Secure Checkout
    • Two Pieces of Contact information. This information should match information provided on the merchant account application.

Article written by Leanne E.